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POS carbonless paper rolls

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 Basic specifications :  


ncr paper for cashier register




White/Pink/Yellow/Blue/Green in black or blue image

Regular gram mage

45, 50, 55, 80 CB white or tinted;
47, 50, 55, 80 CF white or tinted;
50, 52 CFB white or tinted;

Regular sheet spec

9.5*11(241*280mm),15*11(381*280mm),other size can be customized


High surface strength, cannot smear or rub off onto hands or clothes.

Dimensional stability and curl control for converting.

Coating weight profile and good smoothness.

Instant and clear copy image.

Application area

tax authorities, government finance, post services, businesses, banks and many other trades and industries.

Caliper Variation (CD)

≤5μm for basis weights 50g/m2 or less;
≤7μm for basis weights greater than 50g/m2

Moisture on delivery

≤8.0% CB and CFB sheets;
6.0%-7.5 % CB and CFB rolls;
5.0%-7.5% CF;

Imaging Sensitivity

ΔE≥88%;ΔD≥88% (3 ply prints);


≥60 N.m/g;

Surface strength (medium viscosity printing ink)

≥0.5 m/s (printing side);

Main markets

South American; South asia; Mid-east, African area & other countries and regions.


100 cartons

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