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Business Form

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business form / carbonless form / computer form


Carbonless Computer Form Paper is used for office, bank, invoice and documents

     printing applications 
     Base Paper: woodfree paper(single ply) and carbonless paper(multi ply)

     Ply: 1-6 ply OEM
     Multi-ply image: blue or black
     Substance: 48-80gsm
     Size: 241mm,381mm and OEM available
     Colour: white, pink, yellow, blue, green

                                    Technical Data                                                

Parameters Unit Value
Ply ply 1-6
Substance gsm 48-80gsm
Base paper single ply = woodfree paper
Base paper multi ply = carbonless paper
Colour available = white,yellow,pink,blue,green
Image colour = blue or black
Brand = Perfect Image or OEM
Size = oem
Packing box = plain box or printed box

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